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Lifelong Learning and Greece

Recent Reforms Promoting Lifelong Learning in Greece

The Act on “Development of Lifelong Learning” (Official Governmental Gazette 163/Α΄/21-9-2010 -L.3879/2010), attempts, for the first time in Greece, to set up under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, a single comprehensive framework for Lifelong Learning. In this context, implementation of LLL policies will result in significant structural changes and coordination of the public, private and social sector involved in the promotion of LLL in Greece will strengthen cooperation and networking for development and growth in a knowledge economy and society.

Lifelong learning involves all forms of learning undertaken throughout an individual’s life, with the aim of acquiring and/or improving knowledge, skills and competencies for personal, social and/or employment reasons. The whole spectrum of learning, including formal, non-formal and informal learning pathways, encompasses active citizenship, personal fulfillment, social inclusion, professional development and employment related aspects.

LLL is a strategic tool for the implementation of the new policy priority in Greece on human resources qualifications. It is embedded in the redesign of the growth model of Greece, focusing on improving people’s knowledge, skills and competences. To this purpose, the Hellenic Qualifications Framework is being developed in alignment with the European Qualifications Framework, a tool for the classification of qualifications in terms of learning outcomes upon a set of prescribed reference levels.

Education and training are essential to achieve the objectives of the strategy "Europe 2020".To this end,the urgency to effective investment in high quality,modern education and training which will lay th efoundation for long-termprosperity in Europe and facilitate short term to address the impact of the crisis.

At the same time, improving the quality of education and lifelong learning is a strategic priority to the development and implementation of  our national policy to achieve high levels of sustainable economic and social development in our country, while promoting personal development and active citizenship.

The 3879/2010 law has launched the operation of theNational Network of Lifelong Learning (NNLL) for coordinating administration bodies with distinct responsibilities and operations and LLL providers and services in the learning areas of:

Ø  Initial Vocational Education & Training (IVET)

Ø  Continuing Vocational Education & Training (CVET), as well as

Ø  General Adult Education.

The network supports cooperation in operations as follows:

·         diagnosis of adult education and training needs in response to labour market needs and social growth,

·         provision of LLL guidance and counseling services,

·         accreditation of providers, trainers, occupational profiles and non-formal education curricula,

·         recognition of occupational qualifications and certification of knowledge, skills and competences,

·         recognition of professional rights in equivalence to occupational qualifications,

·         information, dissemination and communication.

The mapping and registration of the NNLL members, as well as their consequent briefing on national LLL policy and the priorities linked to quality assurance, validation & accreditation, interoperability & mobility, enhancement of attractiveness, participation and accessibility are a prerequisite for fruitful interaction within the network.

In this framework, the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning, acting as the executive authority for Lifelong Learning in Greece, conducted for the first time at national policy level, an initial registration of all LLL activities organized and implemented by state agents and major social partners. The information was presented in the Annual Report 2012 and refers to the  overall political and social environment, to the European and international policy context as well as to the legal framework underlying Life Long Learning in Greece.

The newly established national authority, the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP), corresponds to the pressing need of creating and maintaining a holistic and interrelated policy framework for the development of lifelong learning and certification of qualifications in Greece, linking with the open market and responding to the needs of the citizens, a central issue in EU policy.

Its mission is geared towards linking VET with labour market needs, upgrading people’s occupational qualifications, reinforcing their employment perspectives and strengthening social cohesion.

E.O.P.P.E.P. is one of the administrative bodies for lifelong learning regarding its responsibilities linked to counselling and career guidance. Counselling and/or Career Guidance providers are also part of the National Network of Lifelong Learning as the relevant bodies providing lifelong learning services.

Furthermore, EOPPEP aims at implementing a national quality system in the area of non-formal education drawing upon European and international experience. Availability of adequate and consistent data and indicators is the key to understanding the components of Vocational Education and Training, in order to strengthen lifelong learning and to assess in qualitative terms the progress in LLL development and promotion.

EOPPEP operates under the supervision of the Minister of Education & Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports and is seated in Athens. It has derived from the amalgamation of three national bodies, all under the supervision of the same Ministry: the National Centre for the Accreditation of Lifelong Learning Providers (EKEPIS), the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications (EOPP) & the National Centre for Vocational Guidance (EKEP).

The more recent act 4115/ 2013 (Official Governmental Gazette 24/Α΄/30-1-2013)for the Organization and Functioning of The "Youth Foundation and Lifelong Learning" INEDIVIM and the “ National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance” EOPPEP strengthens  their operation and  enlarge their functions.

For further information, visit:
 - the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports  the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning - the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)

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