Monday April 23 , 2018

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Life Long Learning:
Support for European cooperation in education and training

Project INSTALL "Innovative strategy for raising awareness of lifelong learning in Greece", was submitted by Western Greece Region under the EACEA/15/2011 Call for Proposals of the Lifelong Learning.

The project aims to support the establishment and implementation of a coherent and comprehensive national Strategy regarding the national policy of Lifelong Learning (LLL) and the European cooperation in Education and Training.

Specific objective of the project is to support the strategies and LLL policies at national, regional and local level, covering and interlinking all types (formal, non-formal, informal) and levels of learning (preschool, primary, secondary, tertiary, adult, initial and continuing vocational education and training), including links to other relevant policy sectors (e.g. employment and social inclusion).



The project partnership consists of the following:

  • Western Greece Region – WGR (Leading beneficiary)
  • National organization for the certification of the qualifications & vocational guidance – EOPPEP (beneficiary)
  • Technological Institute of Patras – TEIPAT (beneficiary)

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In order to fulfill the aforementioned objectives, the project foresees 6 Workpackages, which besides managerial and quality assurance aspects, includes also:

  • Awareness-raising events to support the national dialogue related to the adoption and implementation of strategies and LLL policies
  • The creation and dissemination of informative material regarding national LLL activities, as well as the awareness activities of the project
  • Creation of an information portal that will include an online community, which will improve the coordination of the development and implementation of coherent and comprehensive national strategies for LLL
  • The development of an electronic learning application game (Game-based Learning GBL) for the Web, regarding national & EU LLL activities
  • The development of an electronic learning GBL application for mobile devices (smart phones)
  • The payment of the training cost for the winners of the game-based learning applications

The total budget of the project is 157.830,00 € and it is funded 75% by the European Union.

The project duration is 12 months.


The main goal of the project is to raise the awareness of Greek citizens upon the issues of lifelong learning and also disseminate through various means of communication and networking the existing European tools and reference material.

The policy for lifelong learning in Greece can use knowledge as a tool for economic development and exit from the crisis. Through lifelong learning we can achieve linking knowledge with employment and professional integration, in parallel with the enhancement of the role of the citizen within the national and global economy.

The National Lifelong Learning Policy includes the following objectives:
v Diagnosis of labour market needs to adapt the training and education curricula with labour market needs.
v Upgrading the system of initial vocational training.
v Strengthening the system of continuing vocational training.
v Expansion of the institution of counseling and guidance.
v Upgrading the system of Technical Vocational Education and linking it with the initial training.
v Certification of professional experience and learning.
v Promotion of general education.

Potencial beneficiaries:

  • Students, trainees and adult learners, as they will acquire skills that are needed in the labour market.
  • Parents and teachers.
  • Enterprises, social partners and organizations at all levels.
  • Bodies providing guidance, counseling and information.
  • Employers, as it will become easier to find staff.